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A Must Have Check List Poster for Innovative Teachers

Teaching is an innovative job, one that demands a lot of creativity and a higher sense of innovation. Getting students engaged and maintaining this engagement particularly in this digitally focused age is one of the daunting challenges facing us in our classrooms. Being able to spice up your teaching with innovative ideas, being willing to take calculated risks, anticipate and overcome obstacles are but some of the key elements to successfully improve your teaching and enhance your students learning. These are the same qualities innovators have and because everyone of us want their students to be innovators as well we have got to show them how to think and act like innovators. We are their role models and they need to see these features in us to learn them . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and based on a great article from our colleagues in Edutopia,,  has created a poster for you containing 6 point checklist for education innovators . Please have a look at them below and don't forget to share with us your suggestions and feedback. Enjoy

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