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8 Must Have Posters on Teaching Writing

Teaching writing has never been easy. This is partly  due to the pre-judgement students have on writing and partly because of the way some instructors teach writing. As for students, it is normal for a young learner or a teenager to resist any assignment that would get them seriously engaged in a learning task after which they will be graded. Think about yourself when you were a student and how much you would hate it to get your writing assignment full of  remarks . As for teachers, some  still use the traditional methodology in teaching writing : focus on the mechanics of writing like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammatical errors...ect. This approach is reminiscent of the behaviorist era or what is called the era of conditioned learning ( 1950- 1965 )  when in fact we are in a completely new era, one that is labelled by Emily Fox as the  era of engaged learning ( 1996- Now ). I will revisit this topic with more details in the future posts and for now let me share with you some great writing posters from Schoolastic. Check them out below and share with us what you think.

1- Ideas

2- Traits of Writing

3- Organization 

4-Sentence Fluency

5- Revision

6- Voice

7- Word Choice

8- Presentation

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