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8 Great Research Studies for Teachers

One of the strategies I use as a life-long learner and teacher is reading research studies pertaining to my area of interest. I particularly love to explore new insights and theories right as they are discovered and I use a wide range of tools to keep me always updated about the new emerging searches. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already compiled a list of such tools which I would recommend for you HERE.

While browsing the net or when sifting through my Rss Feeds or tweets I usually come across articles from different websites featuring  new research studies and just as I always do with videos, I bookmark the ones I am interested in and whenever I have time I go over them. Today as I checked the list of the studies I have compiled over the last few months I was really intrigued by the wealth of information it really contains so I thought to share it with you and let you enjoy it. Have a look at the titles below and share with us what you think of them.

1- Video Gaming Can Control your Thoughts

2- 94% of High School Students Accessed Social Media on Phones  During Class

3- Interesting Findings about how Students Learn

4- Art of Essay Writing Damaged Twitter and Facebook, Cambridge  don warns

5- New Study Seeks Data on Mobile Devices for Learning

6- Facebook is as Tempting as Cigarettes and Sex

7- Engaging Students on Their Own Terms

8- What will The New Google Search Mean for Teachers

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