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6 Must Watch Videos on 21st Education

The list of mind blowing videos covering the topic of 21st century education and learning is growing bigger and bigger. There are actually some clips that I think every teacher should watch if not twice then at least once. These videos are not only an inestimable source of inspiration but are also a good resource packed full of great ideas on where education is right now. I know not all of you have the chance to get your hands over these videos because of your busy teaching schedules but as an educational blogger I do come across several of these videos and whenever time permits I curate lists to share with you. You can for instance check the list of 10 excellent videos on 21st century learning I posted a couple of weeks ago . I am also adding more videos in this post and as always the ones I feature here are not any videos I come across but the top crust of educational videos. Check out the list below and share with us your feedback. Enjoy

1- Classroom of Tomorrow

2- The Voice of The Active Learner

3- The Future Starts Now

4- Designing Schools for 21st Century Learning

5- Tools and Resources for The 21st Century Education

6- A Vision of 21st Century Teaching

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