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4 Great Rubrics to Help you Select Educational Apps

As iPads are increasingly infiltrating our educational systems the question of the pedagogical implications ensuing from the use of these mobile gadgets in the classroom come to the surface. Some do look at them as an added distraction and that  learning can be more focused without students having access to them during the class. Traditionalists do advocate this view and are  , in fact,  against the " over-digitization " of education. To these people I say what John Dewy once said " If we teach today as we thought yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow ".

I am strongly in favor of the use of mobile gadgetry for educational purposes. I am talking here specifically about iPad. I have done a lot of readings  in this field and have published dozens of articles on the importance of iPad in education and how teachers can use it to improve students learning and elicit more engagement.One thing I should underscore about the use of iPad in the classroom is the importance of knowing how to select educational apps to meet your students learning needs.I provided some great evaluation rubrics in previous posts and today I am adding 4 more rubrics. Check them out below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy

1- BVLS iPad App Evaluation Form
Click Here to download it.

2- iPad App Evaluation Guiding Question
Click Here to download it.

3- Mobile Application Selection Rubric
Click Here to download it.

4- Critical Evaluation of Content-based iPad/iPod App
Click Here to download it.

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