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25 Tech Tips Every Teacher should Know about

Everybody is talking about technology integration in education  and there is probably no PD session that you would attend without the word technology being mentioned at least three times.But for you as practitioner and teacher, have you ever questioned what it really takes to properly leverage the power of technology into your classroom ? Do you want to know how other teachers are doing it? We have a short guide to help you in this endeavor.

Below is a slideshow that has over 25 tech tips for teachers. This slideshow has been making rounds online and I really like the collaborative concept behind the compilation of ideas included in it. Mark Clarkson did a great job in bringing this work to life. As you can see from the title , you do not necessarily need a prior sophisticated technology knowledge to start implementing  what it has to offer you, just go ahead and try out the tools you come across , read their FAQs and see how you can use them for your own learning and teaching needs. Experimentation is the best teacher. Enjoy


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