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15 seconds search tips

Googling is probably one of the major tasks we do online. I can't even count how many times I use Google everyday. I admit I am a Google addict but trust me when you delve deep down into its secrets and get to  learn those search features most of the people ignore you would definitely  know why I said I am a Google addict. Of course Google is not only about searching the web. It also has a set of other excellent services ranging from YouTube to Google Apps and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been doing several reviews of these services over the last couple of years. The purpose behind those articles is to help teachers tap into the educational potential of Google and help them better leverage it in their teaching and learning. Here are some examples

1- Google Search Tips you Must Know about 
2- How to Do Better Google Searches

However, for the sake of today's post , I am providing you with a playlist of 17 videos covering some of Google's search tips. Each  video is  only 15 seconds long  but you will learn a lot from them. I have embedded the playlist below. Just click on the first video and it will automatically play them all.

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