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12 Amazing Videos for Teachers

From time to time Educational Technology and Mobile Learning curates lists of engaging and challenging videos for its readers. So after the Top 10 Videos on 21st Century Learning and 6 Great Clips on 21st Century Education, I compiled another list of some must watch videos. Besides the vivid topics these videos cover, they are also created in such a professional way with beautiful cartoonic animations and drawings. This style reminds us of the phenomenal Leefever from Creative Commons.

The list I am sharing with you today has videos that you can share with your students in the classroom. All of the videos are short and most of them are only a little over 2 minutes long.I personally view them as a great way to stretch your intellectual boundaries and get out of your comfort zone to explore those perplexing and  hard to grap concepts. From philosophy to cognitive science, you will definitely find something that holds your interest in this list. All thanks and gratitude goes back to Asapossible Science for their great efforts and time they invested in these videos. Click on any title to watch the video. Enjoy

1- Which Came First: The Chicken or Egg

2- The Scientific Power of Thought

3- We are All Female

4- Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol

5- The Science of Morning Wood

6- Why Do We Blush

7- The Science of Lucid Dreaming

8- The Science of Orgasms

9- The Science of Appetite : Beating Overeating

10- The Scientific Power of Music

11- The Scientific Power of Naps

12- The Science of Procrastination

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