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10 Great Ed Tech Guides for Teachers

Below are some great guides to help you with your Ed Tech  resource mining. These guides are from Microsoft and are all geared towards giving you a hand in implementing technology in your classroom.

1- Windows Live Movie Maker in The Classroom

"Learn how to use Windows Live Movie Maker to turn your photos and video clips into great-looking movies and slide shows for teaching."

2- Free Tools in The Classroom

"Free tools from Microsoft. Engage your students, energize a lesson plan, and save time using free tools for photos, videos, collaboration, and education"

3- Digital Storytelling in The Classroom

"When students create a movie or interactive slide show to tell their story, learning becomes personal."

4- Microsoft Office in The Classroom

"Improve collaboration and increase productivity with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote."

5- Microsoft Web Apps

"Get helpful teaching tips on how to use Office Web Apps to access and share your documents."

6- Microsoft OneNote in The Classroom

"Microsoft OneNote 2010 gives teachers the ideal place to store their myriad resources and materials in a single, easy-to-organize location"

7- Windows 7 in The Classroom

"Download an e-book, watch videos, and learn to use Windows Live Movie Maker to make learning more personal with pictures and movies in your classroom."

8- Bing: Internet in The Classroom

"Bing is the decision engine that helps teachers and students quickly use Internet in the classroom to find what they need in a visual and organized way."

9- Microsoft Mathemathics 4.0 In The Classroom

"From basic math to pre-calculus, Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 helps you visualize mathematical concepts."

10- Accessibility in The Classroom

"Technology can help make your education environment more accessible to those with special needs."