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Why Game Based Learning in Education

Game-based learning  is an educational trend that is gaining more and more in popularity. The widespread use of media in the classroom has paved the scene for the integration of digital games as a form of learning for students. Of course the selection of the digital   games to use with students is not an easy task. Teachers have to provide a pedagogical grounding for their selections and above all, the games they use should meet the learning needs and objectives outlined by the curriculum. We have a section here about Gaming in Education, check it out for more resources.

In a recent post I published here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, I talked about the learning principles Paul Gee  embedded in his book What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Second Edition: Revised and Updated Edition. Paul argues that GOOD digital games increase students active learning, sharpen their critical thinking and boost their engagement. He provides several examples of games that have a direct benefit on students learning procedures. Check out this post to learn more about Paul's learning principles.

We Are Teachers conducted a survey of 309 k-12 classroom teachers about how they use games and these are the result they got :

game based learning [Source: Mindshift]

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