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What Teachers Need to Know about Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom is a new concept that has been making the rounds for sometime now. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already covered this topic in some previous posts ( see Flipped  Classroom A New Learning Revolution, and  Great Video Tutorials on Flipped Classroom).In this post, we are  providing you with a new and updated infographic  on Flipped Classroom.

Just a reminder for those who are not yet familiar with Flipped classroom. This is basically a new approach to instruction. Teachers , instead of giving lectures in the classroom, record and share video lectures with their students , who,  in their turn,  watch them at home at their own pace. This method of teaching has several advantages and the most important of which is the fact that teachers when using flipped classroom approach can have more time to spend on individualized learning or what is called one on one learning. However, critics have spotted several weaknesses in this methodology . Check out the infographic below to learn more about Flipped Classroom. Enjoy

The Fuss Over Flipped Classrooms
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