Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Educational Quote Posters for your Classroom

You might want to end this year with some useful quotes  to keep in your mind and ponder upon their meanings from time to time.Quotes are a great source of inspiration and strength particularly in those frustrating and trying times we go through. As teachers and educators, we are probably more prone to  " Emotional Hijacking  " ( term coined by Daniel Goelman in Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition; Why It Can Matter More Than IQ  ) than other people. We deal with a lot of stress and our responsibilities have no defined physical space as is the case with other employees who, upon finishing their work for the day, they  forget about it till the following day . We do teaching in the class, and paper correction and lesson planning at home.

Sometimes the psychological price we pay is so high but we still love teaching because we know there is nothing in this world as much rewarding as to plant the seeds of knowledge in somebody's mind and watch these seeds grow and blossom into a better citizen, one who would tend to us and provide us  with comfort, love and tenderness when we grow old.

As a token of gratitude and thankfulness to their effortful work, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is sharing with you some great poster from Busy Teacher. I have already published it here in a separate post  a few a months ago  but I just can`t stand talking about teachers without including it in this talk. Check it out below.

We have also some interesting educational quotes for you . These quotes are taken from Larry Ferlazzo Pinterest board called Useful Quotations in which he included more than 140 educational quotes. I have selected some of them in case you want to print and use them in your classroom but you can access that board for more. It is a fantastic board.

Click on each title to access the original poster on Pinterest where you can repin it or embed it in your blog. I did not use the embed codes here because my HTML editor cant support all of  them so I took just snapshots. Please pay credits to the owners of these posters each time you wan to use them.

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1- John Wooden

1- Success

3- The Art of Teaching

4- Ralph Waldo

5- Albert Einstein

6- Edmund Hillary

7- Dr Seuss

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