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Top 7 YouTube Channels for Different Subject Areas

We all use YouTube to look for video content to share with our students. Of course there are 80 other alternatives but admittedly YouTube remains among the top video platforms online. There used to be some educational concerns over the use of YouTube videos in the classroom given the amount of vulgar language ( in comments ) and some indecent content that might accidentally appear in the featured playlists that accompany each video. However, this is no longer an issue, there are several web tools ( third parties and not YouTube tools ) that provide a student friendly environment for watching videos with no advertising or irrelevant content popping up. Some of these tools can be found HERE and you can also check our YouTube Tools section for more tips on the use of this platform in education.

In this post, we are providing you with lists of YouTube channels based on different subject/ content areas. Check out the channel related to the subject area you teach and access the videos it contains. These channels are among the best ones you can find online. Enjoy

1- 8 Great YouTube Channels for Math

2- 7 Great YouTube Channels for Science

3- 7 Excellent YouTube Channels for History Teachers

4- 8 Wonderful YouTube Channels for Kids

5- YouTube 's Official Channels for Educators

6- 10 Great YouTube Channels for Teachers

7- The 10 Most Important Educational Channels for Educators

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