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This is Why Critical Reading is Important

Reading is one of the basic and old literacy skills in education. Its primacy in any educational system  is still intact even amidst  this huge  encroachment of technology into every aspect of our life. The Generation X, for instance,  tend to favor audio visual text over written text ( by the way text refers to any medium of communication be it a word, picture, clip. movie, play ...ect ) and you can see now how YouTube and other reputable video platforms are creating new modes of communications based primarily on audio visual data.

I am not really sure whether it is true that people now read less than they used to do before this technology boom, but one thing is obvious, reading will always be the key to ones intellectual blossoming. However, the importance of reading is not in the reading act itself but in how critically we read. I am talking here about critical reading and to bring you close to what this is all about , I will let you watch this great  video realized by John Green.

This video is taken from the Crash Course Literature mini series in which John Green investigates a set of reasonable questions such as : Why do we read ? What's the point of reading critically ? John argues that "reading is about effectively communicating with other people. Unlike a direct communication though, the writer has to communicate with a stranger, through time and space, with  only dry words on a page ".

Watch this  video to learn more about the importance of critical reading.

In a previous post I published here a year ago , I talked about 20 reasons why we should read . I am reposting them again here. Check them out below.

1- Enhances the senses
2- Enables lifelong learning
3- Allows for better skill retention
4- Improves creativity
5- Better verbal abilities
6- Increases one's stores of knowledge
7- Higher test scores
8- Reduced stress levels
9- Improves critical thinking
10- Staves off dementia
11- Dimentia settles in at a slower rate
12- Better reasoning
13- Confidence building
14-  More white matter
15- Increases brain flexibility
16- Improved memory
17- Build relationships between parents and children
18- Better listening skills
19-  An easier time concentrating
20- Alleviates mental health disorders

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