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The Best of YouTube in 2012

2013 is just around the corner and as usual this is the ideal time of the year for websites and blogs to feature " year in review " articles. I am one of the fans of such posts because they make me relive those important moments and events of the whole year . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already started publishing lists of the best and most popular content of 2012. Check out  Top Web Tools for Teachers, and The Best of TED for teachers and we have many more to share with you in the next coming days ( including some surprises for our readers ).

In this post, however, we are sharing with you the best of YouTube for this year. As you probably know YouTube has an official channel called YouTube Rewind 2012 where they  feature the top trending videos according to different playlists. They have just released the top trending videos of this year.  I am including links to each playlist below but before you check them here is a great video YouTube released about the people and events that defined YouTube 2012. It is amazing , this video reached more 21 million pageviews in just a couple of days !!

1- Top Trending Videos of 2012

2- Top Trending Comedy Videos of 2012

3- Defining Moments of 2012

4- Top Trending Sports Videos

5- Top Trending Fashion and Beauty Videos of 2012

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