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Intelligence Poster Teachers should Not Miss

The poster I promised you awhile ago is now ready for you to download, print and share with your students. The topic as you know is Intelligence; this is probably one of the hardest concepts to grasp because of the diversity of opinions about it. However, to avoid getting mired in the complexities of Intelligence , I am using Howard Gardner's classification. Why Howard ? Simply  because he is one of the leading developmental psychologists in this field and whose theory of multiple intelligences has been making rounds in the educational arena. If you are interested to learn more about his theory I would recommend that you read his book : Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice.

There is also another theory called Emotional Intelligence ( EQ ) developed by another great psychologist named Daniel Goleman. I might probably work on another poster on EQ when I finsih reading his book " Emotional Intelligence ". If you are keen on knowing more about intelligence , Gardner and Goleman 's works are to be prioritized.

Gardner defines intelligence as the ability to solve problems in a particular context. He suggested several types of intelligences. I have embedded all of these types ( except the existential one )  in the poster below. The purpose behind this work is to remind teachers that just as students have different learning styles, so they have different intelligences.

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You are free to share , download, and print this poster. You can also publish it on your classroom blog or website provided you credit Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and that you use it for non commercial purposes.

Click HERE to download and print this poster. If you have any problems with the download , please let me know by using the contact me form in the navigation bar up or by simply dropping a comment in the box below. Thank you

Here is the embed link :

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