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Ask Other Users: All you Need to Know about Google Services

Google services ( like Gmail, Drive, Presentations, Maps,...etc) are part and parcel of our digital kit as teachers and educators. Our students are also familiar with most of these services particularly Google Docs or what is called now Google Drive. Sometimes it surprises me what students can really do  with Google Docs. A couple of days ago I attended a presentation delivered by two students in the Mount. The presentation was created using Google Presentations and it was really eye catching, from the choice of the template to the font of the text, everything was highly creative.

We have posted here several guides and tutorials covering a wide gamut  of topics ranging  from Google Docs secrets to Google Forms templates and we are working on a comprehensive eBooks about Google in Education  which we will offer you for free in the next coming weeks. Today, however, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is sharing with you a great resource called Ask other  Users .

Ask other  Users or Google Product Forum is  : "  a community of people like you, who enjoy helping each other figure out the best ways to use a Google product. Click a link below to visit a forum, find answers, ask questions, and share your expertise. "

 In this forum you will have access to all Google Services , just select the one you want and click to join the community. Here is a snapshot of the forum .

Click HERE to access to the original page.

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