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A List of Great Checklists Every Teacher should Have

Checklists are  tools that we the teachers and educators use probably on everyday basis.Obviously, they have several advantages as shown below and I personally love them. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been publishing some great checklists over the last couple of years. We have decided to go through all of them and come up with the list below. Some of the checklists are new and have been included here for the first time.

Some advantages of Checklists ?

As we said before, checklists have several pluses and here are some of them :
  1. Checklists provide you with a roadmap of the trajectory your work, plans..etc will take
  2. They organize what should be accomplished so that nothing is left behind
  3. They give a sense of priority to the things that need to be done first
  4. They also help you attain your objectives and plan for next ones

Here are some important checklists you need to have . Most of them are digitally  focused.Enjoy

1- Teaching with Technology A Basic Checklist
Download it HERE

2- Classroom Teacher Checklist
Download it HERE

3- Classroom Management Checklist
Download it HERE

4- Teacher Checklist for Blogging Projects
Download it HERE

5- Educatioanl App Evaluation Checklist
Download it HERE

6- Content Based iPad App Checklist
Download it HERE

7- Evaluation Rubric for iPad/ iPod Apps
Download it HERE

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