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9 Outstanding Tools for Teachers

It no longer takes advanced technology knowledge to label someone a tech geek. You can now in a simple an easy process set up your site or blog in few minutes without knowing anything about HTML or PHP or any other scripting code. The interactive feature and ease of use the emerging web 2.0 tools provided for users made internet a better world for creative minds. As teachers and educators, we need to capitalize on this fact and make the best of it in our teaching.

In this post, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has brought to you a bunch of great web tools to help you easily publish students works, provide a collaborative writing platform for them, and  share their media and text with others. The commonality between all these tools is that they are DEAD simple and easy to use. Try them out and let us know what you think about them. Enjoy


This is a cool web tool that lets you easily post text and pictures online . It is also a word editor that does not require any software installation.

2- Peg

Peg is a tool that lets you create text based website . You can use it to give instructions to your students or post assignments for them.

3- Phile

Phile is another tool to consider when creating a topic based blog for your classroom. Again the process of setting up your blog is very easy and simple .

4- Weebly

Weebly is a great free platform where you can create a website for your classroom. It provides  free templates, and all the editing features you might need.

5-Disposable Page

Disposable web page offers you the convenience and freedom of getting information out there on the internet with as little hassle as can be. Each disposable webpage has a count down clock. You can set this clock to count down anywhere from 90 days to 0 days from the time the page is created. When the remaining time reaches 00:00:00:00, the page is automatically set for disposal and will exist for 2 more weeks before it gets incinerated

6- My Page is the first social network for kids, the coolest website that helps you create your own page and customize it! Play with kidgets and choose among quizzes, games, colouring, videos and tests!

7- is the the easiest and fastest way to create and publish a blog post. It does not require any registration or software installation.

8-Primary Pad

PrimaryPad is a web-based word processor designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

9- Dinky Page

It lets you make  disposable webpages that will not expire. It supports text and many types of media. You can customise the url to your page and is great for making children's project websites.

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