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60+ Great Educational Infographics for your Clasroom

Infographics are an amazing learning and teaching tools. I said amazing because  they present information and data in such a visually attractive way that increases students overall comprehensible input. I have received several emails from teachers from different countries sharing with me their successful use of these materials with their students. I particularly liked Yokama's lesson teaching Japaneses students English vocabulary using some of the Infographics I shared here.

Another way to use Infographics is to print and use them as posters in your classroom. You can also embed them in your classroom website or blog . However, to provide you with some educational imfographics to use with your students , here is a list of more than 60 infograohics I have reviewed here during this year. I have embedded them on my Pinterest Page particularly in the  Infographic Board I have created . Here is a snapshot of this board below and you can Click HERE to access it .

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