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5 Ways Technology Enhances Education

Technology has drastically changed the way learning and knowledge in general is delivered. It erased boundaries and liberated the human mind. Anyone can have access to any information whenever and wherever they want, no more gatekeepers. This democratization of information has obviously led to a new redefinition of the power relationships between the different members of society and as more and more people become aware of the social injustices imposed on them by those who used to monopolize knowledge and information  they end up raising up against them. The result , sweeping revolutions in the Arab world .

This is one simple  example of the power of technology and how it could change the status quo of  things. The same is happening now in education, new forms of learning are emerging and old ones are vanishing. One fact that should be emphasized here is that technology has tremendously improved education and here are five ways technology revolutionized education:

  • Global Learning
  • Game-based Learning
  • Virtual worlds, digital simulations and models
  • Mobile learning
  • Real-time data-based decision making

I invite you to watch this awesome video to learn how all these five ways are interacting with each other to enhance education.

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