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5 Great Organizational Tools for Teachers

Since the time Google shut down iGoogle, a whole bunch of web tools have emerged ( or were online but gained more prominence afterwards ) as alternatives to this service. iGoogle was my start page for a couple of years and I was really so much used to it that when Google finally closed it I was lost and it took me a couple of weeks till I got myself acquainted with another new star page.

The good thing about a start page is that it helps you orgnaize your bookmarks and the URLs that you visit so often. This helps you save time and renders your internet browsing more effective. Here are some web tools you can use as a start page. Check them out and let us know if you have other suggestions.

1- Symbaloo

This a great web service that lets you customize your start page the way you like. You can bookmark and save your web links into webmixes ( boards ) that can be both private or public.

2- My Link Cloud

My Link Cloud allows you to create several start pages where you can bookmark your favourite websites and web resources. You can change the look and feel of your start pages and make them visually appealing.

3- Bundlr

Bundlr is a cool web tool. It allows its users to curate, clip, aggregate, and share web content easily and instantly. Now you can create your own network where you can broadcast specific information and URLs about a certain topic.
With Bundlr you can collect content from different web pages and organize it into bundles. You can either be the creator of your bundles and do the work by yourself or you add other Bundlr users to collaborate with you in adding sites to your bundls.

4- Skloog

Skloog is like a visual pinboard where users save their favourite bookmarks and create start pages by simply clicking on their logo.Users can add websites to their Skyloog page by entering the URL of that website or select some from the ones already indexed by Skloog.

5- Backstitch

Backstitch is another awesome web tool that allows you to create your own start page and start adding to it URLs of featured websites on Bastitch or you can add the RSS feeds of your favourite websites.

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