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4 Excellent Infographics on 21st Century Classroom

We keep talking alot about the 21st century teachers and students and the skills they need to have but what about the 21st century classroom ? Does it resemble the old traditional classroom or is it different ? Well, probably all of you would agree that we are in front of a new type of classroom, one that is hugely impacted and revolutionized by the integration of technology inside its four corners. It has become an open space of collaborative learning where production is valued over retention, and where communication is the backbone of the learning process.

21st century classroom is idiosyncratic in its features. It has certain distinctive characteristics that you can not find somewhere else and this mostly because of the embrace of new technology, including the mobile one, in education. Going through my Infographic archive here I selected the 4 most representative of this topic.Check it out below.

Click on any title to access the full infographic.

1- 21st Century Classroom ( Digital Classroom )

2- Teachers Guide to Flipped Classroom

3- Cheating in The 21st Century Classroom

4- The Fuss Over Flipped Classrooms

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