Top iPad Apps for 2012 (Tech Radar )

If you have just bought a new iPad  and still wondering what apps to put on it  then have a look at  the  list below. This contains the best iPad apps in different categories as selected and curated by the popular Tech Radar. You will have one app from each category and while some of these apps are free others are paid.

This is not the kind of lists we normally publish here on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning because it is not educationally focused but I just could not let such a great treasure trove of apps go by without sharing it with you.

Here is the list of the best iPad apps for 2012

1- Kindle App

2- Quick Office Pro HD

3- Star Walk

4- Accounts

5- Plants VS Zombies

6- Jamie Oliver

7- Garage Band

8- Nav Free

9- Reeder

10- File Storm

11- Note Shelf

12- Wolfram Alpha

13- Facebook App

14- Sky Go

15- Google Earth

16- Dolphin