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Top 10 Educational Technology Blogs for Teachers

Today we received some good news from Teacher Certification website. They have published a list of the Top 50 School Technology blogs and our blog Educational Technology and Mobile Learning was featured in  the third spot  in that list. We are really so honored to be in this list and we are even happier to realize that our voice gets across to educators from all around the world. All thanks and gratitude go back to you , our readers, for your encouragement and support. W are very sure we would not have been where we are now hadn't it been for your continuous help.

The importance of this list;lies in the fact  that it  provides teachers and educators with an easy to access collection  of  educational blogs they can follow or check to keep updated about educational technology and to learn how to integrate this technology into their day-today teaching. I am sharing with you the top ten blogs  featured in this list and you can head over to the original article to learn about the others.

1- iLearn Technology

2- Around The Corner

3- Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

4- Virtual School Meanderings

5- e-learning Queen

6- Teaching...My Calling

7- Cool Cat Teacher

8- Emerging EdTech

9- The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness

10- The Innovative Educator

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