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Teachers Using Social Media

Below is an awesome infographic I learned about from Instructor Magazine Pinboard. This infographic is the creation of Schoolastic and features the presence of teachers on some of the most popular social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube  and Facebook. I am really amazed at the statistics included in this graphic and thought you might also like to have an idea.

As you might have noticed these last couple of months, I rarely post any more  infographic here on my blog unless I am very sure of  the credibility of its sources. Some websites create infographics and they include fake numbers and stats and get them rolling online, their  purposes is to get more exposure to a wider audience. So be careful when you are reading an infographic elsewhere, make sure its source has some credibility, reliability, and validity. Schoolastic , the owner of  the one below,  is a trusted educational source that most of you are already familiar with.

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