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Personal Learning Networks Simplified for Teachers

We got several emails from our readers about an article we posted here earlier  under the title : " A Simple Comprehensive Guide on The Use of Personal Learning Networks in Education ". Some of the readers were asking for more tutorials and fortunately Sherry Terrell was to the rescue. I personally am so impressed by the work of this girl and I enjoy reading her posts.

Sherry has provided us with several tutorials  ( both in the form of slideshows and videos ) on how teachers and students can create, curate and run their personal learning networks. I have gone through some of them and selected the ones below. I hope you will find them useful. Remember the concept of Personal Learning Network is a little bit loose and is hard to grasp at once, but as you practice it, it becomes way clearer. Enjoy

1- Why Do We Connect

4- Constructing PLNs

5- Creating a Personal Learning Network

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