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Great iPad Tips for Teachers

You must be familiar with the 12 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask before Using iPad in class. This is one of our popular posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. And because most of you are using or going to use iPad with your students then we deemed it  important that we back you up with more tips and tricks on the effective use of this device in the classroom.

I know iPad is relatively a new addition to our classrooms but some of the school districts are taking it much more seriously and have even adopted it in 1:1 environments.It depends on your teaching situation but if it happens that you are lucky enough to use iPad in your classroom then consider reading a bit about the general educational guidelines behind the use of mobile gadgets with students. You can refer to the post mentioned above and make sure you check the tips included in the poster below. I would recommend that you download and print it . You can also share it with your students particularly the second poster.Enjoy

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1-  iPad Management Tips and Tricks 


2-  iPad Tips

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