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Educational Apps Checklists Every Teacher Should Have

The ' checklist mentality ' is something very common among teachers and educators. We use checklists alot in our work and I personally find them very effective in getting things organized. I use them not only with my students but in my day to day life as well.  I have a checklist  for my MEd courses in university, another one for blog posts to write about for the next day and so on.

Today, I am introducing you to another kind of checklist that you might not  be used to before. This one here helps you select the right educational apps to use with your students. Avatar Generation has featured a set of such awesome checklists created by Tony Vincent to help teachers make sound educational choices when selecting apps to use with students in the classroom.
Check out those rubrics and get possibly get them printed off .

Click on any title to access the checklist. Enjoy

1- Educational App Evaluation Rubric

2- Educational App Evaluation Checklist

3- Critical Evaluation of Content-based iPad App

4- A Free Comprehensive Guide to iPad Apps Evaluation

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