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Check out This Huge Library of Google Free Lesson Plans

I just made a point in 81 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms with Their Students that I have posted an hour ago. I was talking about the huge importance of Google products in education  and how we should consider the positive side of these services and sideline  marketing part Google plays on. As long as the services are free and working why not give them a try.

To substantiate this omnipresence of  Google as a quality  service provider in the field of education, we are introducing you to his massive library of lesson plans. Be it you want to plan some  high-tech lessons, or you just want to have a look at how other teachers are leveraging technology in their lessons, Google Library for Lesson Plans is definitely a resource you don't want to miss. It includes thousands of lesson plans that are organized into different categories. All these lesson plans are searchable  and all are opened in Google docs. You can search for lesson plans by subject ( this includes Maths, Science, Language  arts, Physics, fine arts, social studies, research......etc ),  by product ( this includes all Google products such as YouTube, Google Apps, Docs, Digital Literacy, Blogger... etc ), and  by age category.

Here is a snapshot of some lesson plans included in Google Library of Lesson Plans.

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