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Amazing Secrets about TED Talks

TED is one of the greatest video platform ever. I am personally addicted to it and I always watch its new releases as soon as they go viral except when my time schedules don't permit in which case I bookmark the videos to watch on the weekend. I am pretty sure you have watched some of its videos or at least Ken Robinson's " do schools kill creativity ". Given this huge importance of TED for us as teachers and educators, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has devoted an entire section that contains everything about TED including lists of TED's most popular videos.

That being told, I find myself completely flabbergasted by the facts the infographic contains below. I just can't believe that to get a ticket for TED it costs $6.000 and it is invite only. What Richard Saul ( TED  conference creator ) started as a dinner party gathering turned out to be one of the most prestigious club of the best world thinkers....have a look at this graphic to learn more about the secrets of TED .

TED Talks Infographic
Source : OnlineClasses

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