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A Must Have Poster about 21st Century Learning Skills

I have just finished working on a graphic that I have made specifically for readers of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning ( of course anyone else is allowed to use it ). I am not the kind of guy to ask for favors in return for freebies I publish here. I honestly hate it and I have seen this practice  in different blogs and websites. They tell you you can for instance download a certain PDF or eBook for free provided you register with them using your  email or to  like them on Facebook..etc. I would understand it from bloggers outside the educational arena but I can not  swallow it when I see someone claiming to be  an educator committed to the cause of education and yet providing such kind of services.

I have recently been working on certain eBooks and other things ( let it be surprise ) that I will give you as a gift for the new year. I can't wait to share them with you.Today I am sharing with you a piece of work I have been crafting for a couple of days . This is meant to be a poster to use with your students to always remind them of the skills they need to develop as 21st century learners. I would recommend that you print it and hang it on your classroom wall.

Click Here to download and print the poster, if you have any issues with the download write a comment in the box below or contact me using  ( |).

Here is the poster

If you want to publish it on your classroom blog or website use the code below . You can change the width from 960 to any other value you want and the same goes on the height.

<img src=";w=960&amp;h=720">

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