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A Great Creativity Poster for Teachers

The creativity poster I promised yesterday in  5 Outstanding TED Videos about Creativity is now ready. Again this poster is completely free of charge provided you are not using it for any commercial purposes. This work is created for educators and teachers like me and the purpose is to provide educational posters and materials that can be used in the classroom.

As you can see in the poster I provided three definitions to creativity because I don't want to be confined to just one point of view although I prefer Ken Robinson's creativity model. I do consider myself a Postmodernist in regard to the information I create and provide. I love to scan facts using a critical lens and look at the 'knowledge ' from different angels and this is the essence of critical literacy that we should be teaching  our kids. Given the importance of this latter in education, I will soon start working on a  poster about critical literacy which I will share with you here as soon as it is ready.

The recent poster I published  about The 21st Century Skills for Students proved to be such a big hit. I received all kinds of feedback from you and I am really so glad you liked it .

Click Here to download and print the poster and if you want to use it in your classroom blog or website then grab the html code below. You can change the width and height of this poster by changing the values provided there. Enjoy

<img src=";w=960&amp;h=720>

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