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9 Great Pinterest Boards for Kids

Yesterday I posted here about 10 Pinterest Boards Every Teacher should now about  and we are really so glad for all the feedback we got from you and for those who did not get an answer from me , please bear with me I will get back to you . It is just a matter of time. I am extremely busy  teaching, studying for my MAed, and writing 3 posts every single day here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. You might think what kind of a life he is living , but believe me I am up to ears in love with it and I enjoy every bit of it lol.

Some of you asked about Pinterest boards for kids and here are the ones we found for you. Check them out and if you have other suggestions share with our community.

Click on any title to access the corresponding board.

  1. Baby and Toddler Play Ideas 
  2. We Teach : Outdoors 
  3. Play With Playdough 
  4. Reading & Writing Readiness 
  5. Positive Parenting 
  6. Art Ideas For Kids
  7. Summer Fun For Kids 
  8. Children’s Books 
  9. Active Alphabet 

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