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7 Awesome Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers

The best thing about  these collaborative whiteboards is that they encourage students to learn collaboratively, a skill much needed in the 21st century education. Being a whiteboard means that you can use it not only as a collaboration tool but also to host virtual   brainstorming  sessions with your students and best of all, the flow of ideas never stop. Students can work simultaneously on a certain project with everyone drawing, sketching, scribbling, and adding their touch to the final work. They can also save their whiteboard and refer back to it when needed.

There are actually several whiteboard tools out there . Each one has different features and provides different services but with so many options it becomes hard for you to select the one that works best for your  students. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has dome some excavation work and came up with the list below. We have included only what we think is the best whiteboard tools for educators. Have a look and let us know what you think about them and if you have other suggestions , please share them with us in the comment form below and we will review them too.

1- Groupboard

Groupboard is a free online shared whiteboard and chat app that can be easily embedded into your website. It works on any web browser including iPhone, iPad and Android with no downloads or plugins required. Groupboard has been used by universities, online tutors, architects, designers and artists since 1998 for distance learning, collaborative design and online doodling!

2- Concept Board

Conceptboard comes along with plenty of features enhancing the creation and further development of your ideas, drafts and all sorts of documents. Just draw on the resources and let your creativity flow.

3- Scribblar

Scribblar is another great whiteboard tool that is perfect for online tutoring. It is actually used by teachers, students, and schools in over 25 countries.

4- Twiddla

Twiddla is a real-time online collaboration tool. Its beauty is in its simplicity and accessibility: no plug-ins or downloads, no need to work around complex firewalls, no advanced scheduling.


Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. Upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can access and contribute at anytime.

6- Skrbl

Simple and easy online multi user whiteboard, start skrbl, give out your URL & start working together. Sketch, text, share files, upload pictures all in one common shared space. There are no new tools to learn, nothing to download, nothing to install.

7- Web Whiteboard

Web Whiteboard is a simple online tool for writing and drawing together with other people. It is optimized for instant access and ease of use.

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