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6 Excellent Gradebook Tools for Teachers

Gone are the days when grading was a pain in the back for teachers, when it would take them forever to traditionally mark students papers using pen, pencil . Thanks to technology, everything is now simplified. There are several web tools and softwares that can do the grading for us and way easier than you would ever think. These tools are very easy to use and some of them are even free. Using such electronic grading systems will save you a lot of time probably 70 % of your time will be saved .

We went on a search for grading tools online and we found quite a lot but when we were reviewing them we found out that most of them were not really as good as they preach to be . We have tried several of them and came up with the ones below.

You can also check the list of gradebook tools for teachers we posted last year. It also has some great tools to try if you haven't already tried them .

1- LearBoost

This is one of the best gradebook software out there. It provides several distinctive features to teachers including : Beautiful design and intuitive use experience, Instant updates of students scores upon entry of grades. data about student's achievement are automatically updated, teachers can customize their scoring scales according to the scoring methodology they employ... and many more

2- Engrade

It is another great  online gradebook in class management system with more than 2 million  members . Engrade is completely free and is also a great way to post class information for students and parents .

3- Gradekeeper

Enter assignments and scores and let Gradekeeper do the rest. Gradekeeper computes grades, does seating charts, prints reports, and sends email progress reports. Gradekeeper makes it easy to keep parents and students up to date

4- TrackMyGrades

This  is an online gradebook for teachers, professors, and instructors at any academic level. It is easy to use, accessible from anywhere, completely customizable, and secure. You can Test out  with fictional data, or start the 30 day free trial.

5- Jupiter Grades

This is a gradebook system that is a freemium ( has both free and paid version ). Among the services you can get from using Jupiter Grades are : discipline logs, attendance, seating charts, grading, automatic scheduling, homework calendar, report cards, emails and alerts, and many more.

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