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5 Twitter Tools You Must Use as A Teacher

We have been reviewing dozens of  Twitter  services that teachers can use in their teaching and also for their professional development purposes. Educational Twitter Tools section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning features all the posts we have covered in this area so far. Today, however, we are sharing with you a must see video tutorial on how to use some of the  top Twitter tools. You will get to see how to use each tool and also discover the advantages of using it. All of these tools are important for us as teachers and educators and it would not hurt if you introduce them to your students as well. Keep in mind that to really tap into the potential of Twitter in education, you will have to know which tools to use and how to use them and the video below will definitely help you make the first step in the right path.

These are the  tools included in the first video tutorial are :

  1. Hashtags
  2. ( moved to seesmic )

Tweetlater and Twofollow included in this tutorial are no longer working.

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