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5 Outstanding Learning Tools for your Students

In the course of our daily review of web tools that have some educational relevance to teachers and students, we would sometimes pick out some distinctive ones and feature them in a separate list as we are doing with the ones we have for you today.

Below is a list of some great web tools that your students can use in their learning. We selected them in such a way that they would cover different skills, for instance one will improve your students video skills, another their research skills...ect. Check them out below and let us know what you think about them.

1- Corckboard Me

This is one of my favourite notetaking tool ever. Students can use it to collaboratively take notes and organize their ideas. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Students can, at the click of a button, add and edit notes, They can also add colour, resize and organize their notes into clean and appealing boards to share with the entire class. You can also check this list of other great notetaking tools for teachers and students.

2- EasyBib

This is a tool students will definitely love. It will relieve them of the hassle of properly citing others work in their documents.  Easy Bib is an automatic bibliography and citation maker. Be it a book, a journal, a website or a newspaper, EasyBib will help in providing the right citation and in the three reputed formats : MLA, APA, Chicago

3- InstaGrok

InstaGrok is a great mapping tool that allows students to learn about any topic by exploring connections between concepts/facts on an interactive concept map that is totally customizable and sharable. If you are looking for more mapping tools then check out This List.

4- Pixorial

This a very simple yet effective video creation and edition tool that students can use when working on their multimedia projects. They can use it to easily create videos, add titles, transitions, and overlay text and music. They can also store or share their videos either privately or in public.

5- Collaborize Classroom

This is a great platform where teachers can create a safe and educational environment to engage students in asynchronous discussions. You can for instance create a group for your class and send them invitations to join it. You can then post about topics you teach them, upload images and videos and many more.

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