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5 Must Have Classroom Printables

Do you use printables in your lessons ? Do you have trouble finding the appropriate printables for your class? Well,  we can probably help you get your hands on some of the best and most popular educational printables out there.  We have already posted several link resources where teachers can find useful printables and graphic organizers which you can check t  here.

As you know, today's students are digitally focused and ,by implication,  multi-tasked. Their attention span is short and scattered. One of the biggest challenges facing any teacher today  is holding students attention. There are actually several ways we can use to  get students focused and on task, one of them is the use of the same technology they use everyday, but of course this use should be well prepared for in advance and supported  with clear well planned  objectives for each activity involving this technology. The second thing is to provide the teachable input in such a way to stimulate students visual motors, infographics, mindmaps, slides, posters, and printables , to mention but few, are good techniques to use in this regard. Make sure you embellish you classroom walls with posters that connect to students learning, speak to their mind, and arouse their curiosity. These visual realia are of great help to their learning and luckily enough there are several gifted educators committed to creating and generously sharing such kind of materials for free.

Shannon is one of these educators.I have been going through some of the work  she has  done in this context and I was really amazed at her dexterity and high level of creativity. I have reviewed all the printabes she has made and selected the ones below . Although all of her work rocks, but the ones I selected for you are the top of her production ( in my personal view).

Click on each title to access the page where you can download and print the printable. Use them on your classroom walls and let students enjoy them.

1- The Science of a successful teacher

2- Read Books

3- Practice Makes Better

4- The Man who does not read good books

5- Mistakes are proof

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