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5 Great Pinterest Boards for Math

After posting about 10 Pinterest Boards Every Teacher Must Know about  I got a couple of  emails from some of you here asking about Pinterest boards for Math. I have done some research and got you the five ones below. I have actually found several other boards  but they were not really worth sharing here. I am hoping that the boards mentioned below will do the job. Unlike YouTube where there are plenty of Math Channels, good Pinterest boards for Math are scarce and if you know of any other  Math boards that are  really worth mentioning here then share them  with us in the comment form below and we will review and  add them  .

1- Math Centers and Ideas

This is a board curated by Allison Drake.It has all the Math resources you might be looking for including  lesson plans, free Math sheets, engaging games, and several other activities.

2- Math Teacher

This is also another Math resource page that has more than 10 boards most of which are about Math including : Geometry, Statistics, Algebra. It also features some other boards of relevant interest to you as a teacher such as quotes and posters, games, and classroom assessment.

3- Classroom Ideas Math

In this board Jill Messer curates and shares some awesome math resources and ideas for Math teachers. You can find lesson plans, games, exercises, and many more

4- Math Board

As its name suggests , this board is all about providing math resources and links to teachers.You will find many worksheets, games, videos, printables , and many more

5-Math G 1-2

This is a great Math board where teachers can find a plethora of resources on teaching Math to first and second graders

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