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4 Presentation Tools Worth Trying

The web is teeming  with web tools that teachers can use to create visually attractive slideshows and presentations. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has previously published the popular Top Presentation Tools for Teachers, but since the posting of this article several  other web tools have seen the light and this is why we deem it important to release an update or better call it addition to this list.

Te following tools will enable you to create slideshows, and  video presentations to use with your students in the classroom. They all have user friendly interfaces but I would not recommend that you let your students work on them alone, an adult supervision will be highly warranted.

Presentme allows you to create video presentations using existing PowerPoint presentations. You can also record your videos using your own camera and microphone

This is a free and easy to use web service that lets users create slides in seconds. It has a user friendly surface and does not require any software installation.

Bolide lets you create presentations in few simple steps. It also allows you to add audio image files, transition effects, and many more.

Slidely  allows users to create visually appealing slideshows using pictures. It supports both online pictures or the ones you have on your computer . It provides users with the ability to add music to slideshows.

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