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3 Useful Documentary Websites for Teachers

If you are one of those teachers who enjoy using documentaries with their students then we have some great resources for you. We are featuring only 3 documentary websites below but if you want more than you can have a look at our popular 80 alternatives to YouTube  post or check out this List.

There are plenty of documentary websites online but again do they all have the same educational value ? do you have time to sift through the crowd to find the ones that works  best for you as a teacher and educator ? These and many other similar questions are what we try diligently  to answer here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Our goal is to help you access educational resources with the minimum time possible without having to waste a whole evening looking for a single video to use the next day  with your students.

Without any further ado, below are the documentary websites we reviewed and thought will be of some value to you. Check them out and as usual share with us your feedback. Enjoy

1- Documentary storm

This is a great documentary website that provides over 2000 full length documentaries gathered from several resources all around the web. Each documentary has a short description , there is a download button on and under each video, that is just an advertisement of a video tool and not a download page .

2- Documentaryz

This is another cool documentary resource you can use to search for and find good documentaries to use with your students. It has thousands of videos and they are organized under different categories such as Art, Animal, Nature, Biography, Business...etc.

3- Free Documentaries

This one here streams full length documentary films free of charge and with no registration needed. Some of the documentaries in this website has trailers and can also be downloaded.

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