Saturday, November 10, 2012

14 Great Facebook Groups Every Teacher should Know about

Social media networking is a requisite for today's learning. We are living in a digitally wired world where the power of information rests with those who are properly 'connected'. In our context , a teacher who does not employ social media is deemed to be obsolete  It is like driving a car for a decade without having an oil change. The engine will definitely get rusted and fell apart so do our minds when they do not have food for their thoughts. The food is plentiful and is everywhere  you just need someone to show you where to start and this is our job here Educational Technology and Mobile Learning : help you get food for your thoughts using technology and also learn from your suggestions and feedback.

We have invested so much time and efforts into tapping into the potential of social networking in education and we have written some very popular guides in this regard. Check out these resources to learn more :

Today we are focusing more on Facebook and particularly the' group feature' that it provides for its users. As a teacher, you can easily create a group for your class and make it private so that only your students have access to it. You can also grant the admin privileges to some or even all of them and let them share resources, links, feedback, news about their school...ect. However, the purpose of this post is not about how to create a classroom group ( refer to Facebook guide above to learn more ) but rather about the groups and pages other teachers and educators have created and that you can yourself join to enhance your professional development and keep posted about the trending issues in the world of education and educational technology. I have selected some groups for you to start with and if you have other suggestions please share with us in the comment form below . Enjoy

1- Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Group

This is the official Facebook group of this blog. It has over 3000 fans constituting a marvelous community of educators. We share on it  every single post that is posted here and sometimes other good reads from elsewhere

2- Educators Using Facebook

This is one of my favorite groups as well. Its members are mainly teachers like you and me deeply engaged in resource sharing.

3- Teachers Sharing Resources and Ideas for The Classroom

As its name indicate this is another Facebook group where teachers share relevant links and materials to be used in the classroom.

4- Educators Network

This is a connected group of committed educators sharing lesson plans, educational resources and many more.

5- Facebook in Education Group

This is a Facebook page for information about how educators can best use Facebook.

6- Scholastic Teachers

This is the official Facebook group of the popular website. It features great resources for teachers and students.

7- K12 INC

This is another useful group for educators . You can use it to keep track of resources pertaining to k12 education.

8- The Cornet Stone for Educators

I love this Facebook page and I am one of its fans too. It provides awesome teaching resources and ideas for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

9- Simple K12

This is the Facebook page of the popular website Simple K12. It provides materials to help teachers build the 21st century learning experience.

10- TED

This is the official page of TED on Facebook. Join it to keep posted about the new releases of TED.

11- Edutopia

If you want some inspiring ideas and creative cues for your education then have a look at this page .

12- The Next Web

This Facebook page is about educational technology news and information.

13-  ISTE

This groups motto is advancing excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology

14- Teaching Resources

I don't think you want to miss this treasure trove of educational resources to use in your classroom

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