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12 Excellent Creativity Resources for Teachers

One of the strengths of organized  bookmarking is that after a certain amount of time you end up having a directory of great articles and resources. I do a lot of bookmarking everyday and I have more than twenty categories or rather topical themes under which I add the articles I come across online. This helps me save and read everything I find interesting and whenever I want. The time flexibility the bookmarking tools provide me with is of inestimable value.  I read most of my bookmarked articles on my iPad and most of the times in public places, like in the airport, where there is a free access to wifi.  Some of the topics I love to read about are cognitive psychology, neuroscience, intelligence, creativity, and anthropology. I know you might probably be surprised to hear that from a person who is  blogging solely about educational technology but as they say : diversity is the spice of life.

That being told, I want to share with you some of the articles I have curated and read about creativity, a topic of much relevance to us in education. I have collected these articles probably over a  period of 6 or 7 months but they are some of the best reads you can find online and I enjoyed reading every single line of them. You can bookmark them too and read them when you have time. Enjoy.

1- 100 Ideas That changed Art

2- Are We Wringing The Creativity out of our Kids ?

3- What Motivates Creativity ?

4- Creativity and Education: Why It Matters

5- Creativity Belongs to Children

6- The Social and Emotional Benefits of being Weirdly Creative

7- How to Turn your Classroom into and Idea Factory ?

8- Is Too much Familiarity too Bad for Creativity ?

9- How Creativity Connects with Immortality ?

10- Why We Reason ?

11- Creativity Requires Time

12- Study Reports Decline in Students Creativity

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