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11 Awesome Classroom Posters for Language Teachers

I have been collecting some awesome posters for teachers to hang on their classroom walls.  I assembled the list below mainly from my colleagues on Facebook. As you probably know, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently created a section here devoted to Educational Posters that teachers can use in their classrooms. The purpose is to provide teachers with a ready made list of highly relevant graphics to improve students learning. This section proved to be a great success and we have got a lot of positive feedback from our readers all over the world. There is really  nothing as much  rewarding to us here  in this blog  as a note from a teacher saying that she/he has benefited from something we posted here or that they have tried it with their students and  it worked.

If you teach English to beginners or intermediate or if you are an EFL/ESL teacher then the posters below will be of great help to your students. Try to get them printed ( click on CTRL+ P ) and hang them on your classroom wall or use them with your students whenever you have a vocabulary lesson that includes one of the following :

1- Clothes


2- Plants

3-  Plurals ( nouns from Latin )

 4- Bathroom

 5- Flowers

 6- House

 7- Vehicles

 8- Plurals

 9- Irregular Verbs

 10- Cooking Verbs

11- Bathroom

sources : Learn English, English Language Practice

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