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YouTube's 4 Official Channels for Educators

Since the time YouTube allowed individuals to create their own channels and start sharing their own videos with the world, we noticed a remarkable surge in the educational video ' industry'. More and more teachers from all corners of the world are creating their own channels and there is a growing community of educational video makers that is gaining more popularity and atop of them is TED Edu.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has posted before about some of the educational video channels teachers can subscribe to.These are basically video resources that teachers can access to   get free video materials to include in their lessons . Today, however, we are sharing with you YouTube Official channels for educators. These channels are created by the education department in YouTube for Teachers and students. We are featuring them so that you know them and not confuse them with channels created by other individuals.

1- YouTube Edu

This is a channel that provides hundreds of educational videos organized through categories such as : primary education, secondary education, science, lifelong learning, engineering...ect.

2- YouTube for Schools

This one here allows you to access high quality educational videos, channels, and playlists for students of all ages.

3- YouTube Teachers

This is part of YouTube Edu. It is a treasure trove of educational classroom videos and playlists.

4- YouTube Curriculum

This is teachers platforms where they can access lesson plans for  teaching digital citizenship.

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