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Top 200 Special Education Apps

As a reader of this blog, you might have noticed that Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a particular focus on the use of iPad in education other than any other tablet in the market.We do in fact love other tablets especially Motorolla Xoom, Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1, and LG Optimus tablet and we do believe they have a promising potential in education as well but for now it seems that iPad is leading the mobile learning revolution. This is probably due to the kind of investment Apple is having in education.

The folks in Apple have taken the issue seriously and they are intent on monopolizing the educational market. From iBook Author to iPad Mini, their success is just unbelievable to the point that some school boards in the States and Canada have already started adopting iPad as learning tools in the classrooms and some in the form of 1:1 environments.

That being told, practitioners and teachers who are trying to implement iPad in their instruction find it hard to sift through the clogged-up apps market. Educational apps are everywhere yet it is hard to find the appropriate ones for classroom inclusion. This exactly why we have created  iPad Resources section  in this blog, just to help you find your way through the cloud. We are also adding the booklet below to that section. This is basically a collection of some of the best iPad apps special education. These apps are organized into different categories from Math to Sign Language.

Check it out and share with us your suggestions

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education source : edudemic

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  1. IOS dominates the tablet market at the present but not in the smartphone device market which many students tend to have. Android dominates that market. Unfortunately, too many users, writers and developers have fallen for the Apple hype and refuse to research the availability of apps for other devices. This then perpetuates the belief that there is nothing other than an IOS device. Maybe those that write and contribute to many sites should be doing articles on Apps to use with your students and give examples of both (because they are out there) instead of just how to use an iPad/iPod/iPhone with your students. Not all school districts have the money to buy Apple product and some are even happy with their Android devices.


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