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Top 100 Web Tools for Learning in 2012

I just finished checking the top 100 web tools for learning 2012 and I am really impressed by the great work and efforts Jane has invested in this collection. As a blogger who cares a lot about providing good quality posts to my readers, I know exactly the amount of time and commitment one needs to compile such lists and Jane is just one of those educators who are so passionate about helping teachers improve their educational technology practices in their teaching.

Going through these tools I found out that I knew almost all of them but this could not be the case for you. I am pretty sure you might have heard about some but I am also quite certain you will find  new ones.

What is so great about this collection is that it has"  been compiled from the votes of 582 learning professionals worldwide and each tool is listed in separate slide which provides :

  • A brief description including cost, availability, link and summary of change from last year edition
  • A list of rankings in previous surveys
  • A quick view of where/how it is mainly being used,i.e. for Pers ( personal/ professional use ), Edu ( educational use ), Ent 9 internal enterprise use).

Enjoy the slides and don't forget to share with us what you think about it.

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