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The Importance of Video Game in Education

We have recently posted a guide for teachers on how to use games in the classroom, but it seems like the notion of games is too loose and anything can actually fit in within its framework. This is why breaking it down into categories can make the process way fathomable than it appears to be .

There are actually different games we can use with students in the classroom: puzzles, crosswords, word search, board games, card games, video games to mention but a few. All of these games can be used for educational purposes such as to teach students about certain topics and subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, or even assist them in learning a skill as they play.

The playful part of games is what makes out of them ideal learning activities for students, for many studies have proved that integrating games in the classroom results in a higher student engagement and an increased motivation. Let us take an example of video games, the graphic below shows that 70 percent of teachers think that games have a direct causal relationship with the increased students engagement and 70 % of students agree as well.

There are also several other amazing facts about the use of video games in learning which I would like you to discover in the infographic below. Go through its content and share with us what you personally think about using video games in learning.

source : Technapex

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