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The 6 Most Popular Articles in Educational Technology and mLearning

Hi everyone , this is Med sending you his warm wished from Halifax,  Canada.I wish you have enjoyed your weekend and that you are ready to start another eventful one. It has already started to cool down here and yesterday it felt like it was going minus zero. Luckily It did not rain because I am scared to death to drive in the snow especially after I crashed my car last winter.

Anyway, and as  is usual every Sunday night, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning brings you its most read posts for last week. If you have missed any of these posts then make sure to catch up.

Here is the list of the most popular posts for last week :

1- 8 Awesome New Web Tools Teachers Should Not Miss

2- A List of Great Math Apps for your iPad

3- Top 5 Apps to Help you Study

4- Excellent Note Taking Apps for iPad

5- Teachers Guide on The Use of ePortfolios in Education

6- Great Science Apps for your iPad

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